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How to Fix SSL Certificate Trust Issues When Connecting to SQL Server

Learn how to resolve SSL certificate trust issues when connecting to a SQL Server on Windows. This step-by-step tutorial covers certificate installation,...


Resolving Syntactically invalid EHLO argument SmtpException in C#

Learn how to resolve the 'Syntactically invalid EHLO argument' SmtpException in C#. This guide provides solutions for fixing EHLO command issues in scalable...


Top defensive programming principles with examples

Explore the Top 20 Defensive Programming Principles in .NET and elevate your coding skills. Discover techniques for enhancing software security, reliability,...


Implementing Comprehensive Request Logging in ASP.NET Core

Discover how to implement advanced request logging in ASP.NET Core. Boost debugging, enhance security, and improve performance with our in-depth guide.


Handling Umbraco tags with a new String Split Option available in .NET

Amazing string split option has been released in .NET 5.0 you probably don't know and have never used it before when dealing with tags in Umbraco websites.


Creating MSSQL User login via Powershell on Windows

In this article, we will cover how to add an MSSQL server user with a role via Powershell script to resolve common database connection problems.


Testing ASP.NET Core Action Filters with xUnit

Master the art of testing ASP.NET Core Action Filters with examples and code insights. Learn how to ensure your filters work perfectly every time.


Mastering Async Action Filters in ASP.NET Core

Using a real-life example, this article dives deep into the world of asynchronous action filters, their benefits, challenges, and best practices.


How to get Umbraco model property alias

Retrieving strongly typed property aliases has changed, and it's not as easy as before. We introduce a solution to simplify establishing a property alias of...


Umbraco Developer Key Skills

Dive deep into the core skills for Umbraco development, covering everything from ASP.NET Core and cloud computing to JavaScript frameworks and SEO. Learn to...


WordPress Password Validation in .NET Core Using JWT and C Sharp

Explore the essentials of validating WordPress user passwords in .NET Core, from creating users to implementing authentication classes in C#. This guide also...


ASP.NET Core Essential Features

Explore the top 25 features of ASP.NET Core that set it apart as a modern web framework. Dive deep into its performance, cross-platform capabilities, Unit...


How to use default language as default culture for threads in Umbraco

Explore a solution for aligning thread culture with the default language settings in Umbraco's backoffice. This approach addresses the complex challenge of...


Optimizing Azure Web App: Enabling Dynamic GZIP Compression

Discover how to boost the performance of your Azure Web App by leveraging the power of dynamic GZIP compression. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your...


How to disable ReSharper in Visual Studio

How can I temporarily suspend/turn off ReSharper? Learn the exact steps to disable Resharper in Visual Studio and turn it on again.


Optimizing Scripts in Umbraco - Bundling and Minification

Boost your Umbraco v8 site's speed and SEO. Learn the importance and how-to of script bundling and minification using Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization library.


Optimizing ASP.NET with Bundling and Minification

Master the art of website performance in ASP.NET. Dive into our step-by-step guide on bundling techniques to enhance user experience, SEO, and speed.

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