How to streamline Umbraco content workflow for maximum Savings

Learn how to Unlock the Power of Umbraco: Turbocharge Your Content and Media Management with Dedicated Media Folder – The Ultimate Editor's Tool

Key problems Umbraco users are facing when dealing with Umbraco assets

  • Disorganized Media Libraries: Users often struggle to keep their media libraries organized, resulting in a cluttered and confusing structure.
  • Inefficient Media File Search: Finding specific media files within Umbraco can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when there is a large volume of files.
  • Manual Folder Creation: Creating folders for media files is a manual and repetitive task, which can be a productivity bottleneck.
  • Risk of Deletion: Accidental deletion of media files or folders is a common issue, leading to data loss.
  • Orphaned Files: When content nodes are deleted, associated media files may become orphaned and difficult to manage.
  • Performance Issues: Handling many media files can lead to performance degradation within Umbraco.
  • Lack of Automation: Manual processes for organizing and managing media can be time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Training and Onboarding: New users often face a learning curve when it comes to effectively managing media assets in Umbraco.

Our team's implementation of the Dedicated Media Folder Package for Umbraco addresses these challenges effectively, providing users with a valuable solution.

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Umbraco is well known as a friendly CMS with a unique editor experience and intuitive back office panel.

In a moment, I will show you how you can make working with Umbraco easier and more efficient.

Meet the dedicated media folder package.

A fantastic Umbraco package that will change the lives of your editors.

A dedicated media folder package will give you an unfair advantage.

Your editors will be delighted, and I'll show you why in a moment.

Sounds promising?

As we know, the entire content in CMS is organized in a tree-like structure with a very intuitive admin panel called back office with sections.

The media section is an essential part of the Umbraco back office panel it contains the key ingredients for creating content in the system, such as files, images, or videos.

A well-organized media section is key to productive work for your content creators in your CMS.

However, during many years of working on huge Umbraco portals with thousands of pages and media files, we found out that managing media effectively is challenging.

The problem grows mainly when many content creators use the system.

Each editor has its own better or worse way to create media folders and upload files - they always think about the names of the media folders and create them manually.

It's hard to always stick to the rules and keep an eye on the media section.

After a while, the media section will become a monster, which will significantly impact your website.

Editors will have trouble picking the correct files when entering content.

It will be as difficult as solving a complicated mathematical equation.

Their efficiency will decrease as they perform laborious operations, assets will be very difficult to manage folders, and files will start duplicating.

The back office will be slow, and you will waste even more time.

You will notice a bad user experience.

In the end, you will pay extra money for the redundant file storage.

We saw that many times.

But don't worry.

We found a solution to heal your Umbraco media section.

We will help you apply the most effective system for Umbraco media management.

When examining huge websites, we found that it works best when the media folder's tree structure is the same as your content structure.

Take a look at what your back office structure might look like, and here comes our awesome dedicated media folder package.

Forget about the mess in your media section.

Forget about losing time and money.

A dedicated media folder package will automate the creation of special media folders for your content.

Your editors will never be confused again when finding the files and folders.

I will show you how it works.

Just take a look at how you can simply manage files for your blog post.

Go to a page, open the media picker dialog, create a special folder with one click, and upload files to a dedicated location.

Now, all your files will be automatically placed in the accurate directory.

But that's not all.

Forget about the media paths and folders.

You can easily navigate to a dedicated media folder with one click, pick or upload more files just click the go to dedicated media folder button again, and you're in the right place to manage your files.

Can you imagine how quickly you can upload, search, and manage files? 

The dedicated media folder package works everywhere it supports all major Umbraco components like rich text editor grid block list or macro.

We are 100% sure that once you use the dedicated media folder, you can expect a number of benefits:

  • Fast and well-organized media section 
  • Optimized media content workflow 
  • Saving up to 20% time and money 
  • Happy and productive Umbraco team

Go ahead and try Umbraco dedicated media folder, now completely free.

You can try out all the functions without spending a cent; your Umbraco users will be delighted, and they will not imagine further work without this incredible package.

Download the package today, test the trial version for free, and see for yourself that this is a fantastic package.

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