Our Friendly Umbraco Team Can't Wait to Meet You

Web development with Umbraco CMS is our jam! Let’s team up and spread the joy!

Our Friendly Umbraco Team Can't Wait to Meet You

Piotr Bach

.NET Architect and Umbraco Certified Master who holds dual degrees in Computer Science (M.Sc.) and Mathematics (M.S.). With over a decade of commercial programming experience since 2008, his professional journey is driven by a profound passion for crafting complex web solutions. Primary focused on the Umbraco platform, which he believes is the ultimate content management framework tailored for business growth and innovation.

Wojciech Tengler

Umbraco lead developer with a long programming journey since 2009, complemented by a rich history of working with Umbraco, starting from version 4. Pays meticulous attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned when analyzing project requirements. Passionate about optimizing performance, fine-tuning, and engineering robust solutions. As a problem-solver, he will take your Umbraco project to the next level.

Marek Nowak

Experienced Umbraco Developer skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, ASP .NET Core, Marketing Strategy, and User Interface Design.

Anna Wierzbicka

Content Editor and Marketing Specialist with a knack for transforming words into thriving revenue streams. I'm here to supercharge our clients' blogs and maximize their online profitability. She loves Umbraco and leverages it as her primary tool to craft compelling content that captivates audiences and drives business growth. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures that every word serves a purpose, delivering value and results that exceed expectations.

Wojciech Łuksza

Brand & UX designer who is elevating Brands Through Intuitive Design. Translating brand messages into beautiful, functional UX designs. With over a decade in the industry, I've championed brands to stand out with a user-first approach. Turning ideas into captivating visual stories that align with user needs. Because good design is good business. Ready to collaborate on projects that challenge the norm and set benchmarks.

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