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Resolving Syntactically invalid EHLO argument SmtpException in C#

Learn how to resolve the 'Syntactically invalid EHLO argument' SmtpException in C#. This guide provides solutions for fixing EHLO command issues in scalable...


How to set UmbracoApplicationUrl in Azure Web Apps with Environment variables

To set the UmbracoApplicationUrl in your appsettings.json through Azure Web App configuration, you'll leverage the Application Settings similarly to setting...


Ways to ensure Umbraco GDPR compliance

Uncover essential strategies for User Data Protection on Umbraco websites. This article explores GDPR compliance challenges and solutions within Umbraco CMS....


Umbraco Developer Key Skills

Dive deep into the core skills for Umbraco development, covering everything from ASP.NET Core and cloud computing to JavaScript frameworks and SEO. Learn to...


How to Disable Examine Indexing in Umbraco

Master Umbraco v11 Examine indexing: Learn how to disable external indexes for enhanced site performance, faster content publishing, and improved cold boots.


How to use default language as default culture for threads in Umbraco

Explore a solution for aligning thread culture with the default language settings in Umbraco's backoffice. This approach addresses the complex challenge of...


Umbraco is Always Loading Content From Database on Azure App Service

Explore a comprehensive workaround to boost Umbraco performance on Azure Linux App Service. Learn to tackle the persistent content loading issue from the...


Optimizing Azure Web App: Enabling Dynamic GZIP Compression

Discover how to boost the performance of your Azure Web App by leveraging the power of dynamic GZIP compression. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your...


Deploying ASP .NET app to FTP with Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline

Fast-track your deployments! Dive straight into the essentials of deploying your ASP .NET application via FTP. With the Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline and our...


How to Retrieve Azure App Service FTP Credentials

Discover the streamlined approach to finding and using your Azure App Service FTP credentials. Unlock efficient and secure access with our comprehensive...


Integrating Umbraco with Azure Private Blob Storage

Discover a comprehensive guide on setting up Umbraco v8 with Azure Private Storage, emphasizing security best practices and step-by-step integration insights.


Enabling CORS in Umbraco API with Azure

Overcome CORS policy challenges in Umbraco CMS 8 API when integrated with Azure. This comprehensive guide helps developers swiftly configure and resolve CORS...


Enhanced Logging for Umbraco API

Dive into leveraging custom action filters in Umbraco v8 for efficient exception logging. Here's a comprehensive guide to streamlining your API...


How to detect slow responses in Umbraco API

Unearth slow responses in Umbraco v8 API using ActionFilters. Dive into a step-by-step guide to set up performance tracking and enhance your site's speed.

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