How to Retrieve Azure App Service FTP Credentials

Discover the streamlined approach to finding and using your Azure App Service FTP credentials. Unlock efficient and secure access with our comprehensive overview.

Where to find FTP Credentials to Azure App in Azure Portal?

If you're looking to quickly and securely access your Azure App Service using FTP, here's how you can obtain the necessary credentials directly from the Azure Portal:

  1. Log into the Azure Portal.
  2. Search for and select your App Service.
  3. Head over to the 'Deployment Center'.
  4. Click on the 'FTPS Credentials' tab.
  5. In the 'Application Scope' section, you'll see fields labeled username and password.
  6. Click “Show” to reveal the actual credentials.
App service > Deployment Center > FTPS Credentials

Screenshot of 'FTPS Credentials' tab for App Service on Azure Portal

Once you've secured these details, integrating them into popular clients like FileZilla becomes straightforward.

Moreover, it paves the way for a seamless configuration of your CI/CD pipeline, streamlining your deployment process.

Always exercise caution with these credentials and ensure they're stored securely.

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