Wojciech Tengler. Umbraco Expert

Umbraco lead developer with a long programming journey since 2009, complemented by a rich history of working with Umbraco, starting from version 4.
Pays meticulous attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned when analyzing project requirements.
Passionate about optimizing performance, fine-tuning, and engineering robust solutions.
As a problem-solver, he will take your Umbraco project to the next level.

Wojciech Tengler. Umbraco Expert

Articles written by Wojciech Tengler

Handling Umbraco tags with a new String Split Option available in .NET

Amazing string split option has been released in .NET 5.0 you probably don't know and have never used it before when dealing with tags in Umbraco websites.


Understanding the confusion between Created and Published Dates in Umbraco

The node creation date used as a date of publication can be confusing for Umbraco editors. In this article, I will try to explain the issue of created,...


How to access currently published content in Umbraco

Getting up-to-date published content entry in Umbraco could be tricky. In this article, you will learn a technique to ensure you always access the current...


Problem with linking in Umbraco across pages in different cultures

Unfortunately, the current system design cause serious SEO optimization issues and decreases website visibility


How to get Umbraco model property alias

Retrieving strongly typed property aliases has changed, and it's not as easy as before. We introduce a solution to simplify establishing a property alias of...


How to Disable Examine Indexing in Umbraco

Master Umbraco v11 Examine indexing: Learn how to disable external indexes for enhanced site performance, faster content publishing, and improved cold boots.


Umbraco Redirect Url Table Data Truncated SQL Error

Learn how to resolve the Umbraco SQL truncation error with our expert guide. Discover solutions to extend URL lengths and optimize your CMS for peak performance


How to use default language as default culture for threads in Umbraco

Explore a solution for aligning thread culture with the default language settings in Umbraco's backoffice. This approach addresses the complex challenge of...


Umbraco is Always Loading Content From Database on Azure App Service

Explore a comprehensive workaround to boost Umbraco performance on Azure Linux App Service. Learn to tackle the persistent content loading issue from the...


Optimizing Azure Web App: Enabling Dynamic GZIP Compression

Discover how to boost the performance of your Azure Web App by leveraging the power of dynamic GZIP compression. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your...


Assigning Roles to Members in Umbraco CMS v8

Discover how to add roles to members in Umbraco CMS v8 seamlessly. Dive deep into practical cases and boost your web development skills with this guide


Optimizing Scripts in Umbraco - Bundling and Minification

Boost your Umbraco v8 site's speed and SEO. Learn the importance and how-to of script bundling and minification using Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization library.


Enhanced Logging for Umbraco API

Dive into leveraging custom action filters in Umbraco v8 for efficient exception logging. Here's a comprehensive guide to streamlining your API...

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