Mastering Content Organization with Umbraco's Sort Feature

Unlock the power of Umbraco's sorting capability to streamline your content. Learn how to efficiently organize content in the back-office tree for a cleaner, user-friendly CMS experience.

Why Sorting in Umbraco Matters

Umbraco CMS is an incredibly flexible platform.

While many dive into its extensive functionalities, some powerful features, like sorting, often remain underutilized.

Leveraging sorting can transform how you interact with the back office and streamline the user and developer experience.

Benefits of Organized Content

  • Editor Empowerment: Allows editors to arrange content order autonomously.
  • User-friendly Interface: A well-organized back office enhances visual clarity, speeding up tasks and decision-making.
  • Efficient Data Queries: Developers can retrieve data in the desired sequence without coding additional business conditions.

Guide to Sorting in Umbraco's Back-office Tree

  1. Identify Target Nodes: Determine which content nodes require rearrangement.
  2. Locate Parent Node: Navigate to the parent node under which the desired elements exist.
  3. Accessing Sort Feature: Click on the parent node to expand its menu. Look for the 'Sort' option.
  4. Rearrange Content: Upon selecting 'Sort' the child nodes appear. Use the drag & drop functionality to place them in the intended order.
  5. Saving Your Changes: After arranging the content, always click the 'Save' button to finalize the changes.

Watch Step-by-Step Tutorial On How To Sort Umbraco Nodes👀🍿

Check out a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through the sorting process in Umbraco.

By following along, you'll get a hands-on feel of the feature, ensuring you can effortlessly master it in no time.

How to use Sort option to organize Umbraco CMS Content

📽️ Video URL:

Final thought on Umbraco sorting

The 'Sort' feature in Umbraco isn't just about aesthetics🎨.

It's a functional tool🔧 designed to enhance your CMS workflow as an editor and developer.

By using this feature wisely, you're not only decluttering the back office but also setting the stage for efficient data processing and retrieval.

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