Assigning Roles to Members in Umbraco CMS v8

Discover how to add roles to members in Umbraco CMS v8 seamlessly. Dive deep into practical cases and boost your web development skills with this guide

Managing member roles in a CMS can sometimes be challenging.

But with Umbraco v8, you can do this programmatically, offering an efficient way to handle roles without manual intervention.

Let’s explore how to add roles to members using a simple method.

Understanding the Context

Imagine you're developing a site and have a member registered with the email

For this guide, let's say you've defined two member groups in the system:

  1. Customers
  2. Partners

Our aim?

Assign both these roles to this member.

Let’s dive into how you can achieve this.

Harnessing the AddUserToRoles Method

Umbraco leverages the power of the .NET framework & Umbraco, and there's a nifty method named AddUserToRoles available for this purpose.

It resides within the System.Web.Security namespace.

To utilize this, first, include the namespace in your code:

using System.Web.Security;

With the namespace in place, you're all set to assign roles.

The AddUserToRoles method requires two parameters:

  1. Email of the member.
  2. An array of roles you want to assign.

Let's see this in action:

Roles.AddUserToRoles("", new[] { "Customers", "Partners" });

Validating the Roles Assignment

Once the above code is executed, it's time to validate.

Head over to the Umbraco back-office, navigate to the member's profile, and see that the member belongs to the "Customers" and "Partners" groups.


Umbraco back-office – two member roles were assigned

Umbraco back-office – two member roles were assigned

Making the Most of Programmatic Role Assignments

Automating role assignments is not just about efficiency.

It ensures consistency, reduces errors, and streamlines the user management process.

By integrating this method into your Umbraco projects, you can make member management a breeze.

Wrapping Things Up

Assigning roles doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process.

With some code, you can automate a lot of stuff in Umbraco CMS. 

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