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Creating a SQL Server login for an existing domain user in SSMS

Creating a login for an existing domain user and granting SQL Server privileges (ex. sysadmin role) in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) involves a series...


How to Count Records in MS SQL Server Database Tables

Discover how to count records across all tables within a specific MS SQL Server database schema. This guide provides you with ready-to-use code, streamlining...


Searching for text across multiple tables in SQL Server

Discover how to execute a comprehensive text search across multiple tables in SQL Server with our expertly crafted T-SQL script. Learn its implementation,...


How to Examine Content Property Values for Given Data Type in Umbraco

Discover how to review content property values in Umbraco CMS v11 using T-SQL. It is tailored for developers looking to optimize content management, assess...


Umbraco Developer Key Skills

Dive deep into the core skills for Umbraco development, covering everything from ASP.NET Core and cloud computing to JavaScript frameworks and SEO. Learn to...


Umbraco Redirect Url Table Data Truncated SQL Error

Learn how to resolve the Umbraco SQL truncation error with our expert guide. Discover solutions to extend URL lengths and optimize your CMS for peak performance


Umbraco is Always Loading Content From Database on Azure App Service

Explore a comprehensive workaround to boost Umbraco performance on Azure Linux App Service. Learn to tackle the persistent content loading issue from the...


How to rebuild all indexes in MS SQL server database

Discover how to optimize your MS SQL Server Database by rebuilding all indexes. Dive into our comprehensive guide and improve database performance today...


Mastering Paginated Deletions in MSSQL Tables

Discover the art of efficiently removing vast amounts of data from MSSQL tables using paginated deletions and understand the nuances of this technique (code...


Resetting Identity Column Values in SQL Server using DBCC CHECKIDENT

Step-by-step guide on how to use the DBCC CHECKIDENT function in SQL Server to reset identity column values. Understand why and when to reset identity...


How to Delete Umbraco User Permanently

Explore the step-by-step process to delete an Umbraco user permanently. Understand the difference between deactivation and deletion, ensuring GDPR compliance.

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