Dedicated Media Folder

Give your Umbraco Content Team the right tool to work EFFICIENTLY by automating tedious tasks

SAVE UP to 20% time and money

Dedicated Media Folder

Dedicated Media Folder is a must-have extension for every Umbraco website - loved by editors. It speeds essential media-content workflow, saves time, and reduces costs.

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Fast & well organized media section

Apply the most effective system for Umbraco Media management. Take advantage of well structured media section and forget about mess, paths and folders.

Automatic creation of dedicated media folders

Dedicated media folder package will automate the creation of special media folders for your content. You can easily create or navigate to a dedicated media folder with one click.

Saves time and money

A well-organized media section is key to productive work for your content creators in your CMS. Dedicated Media Folder will reduce the time of time-consuming operations, speed up the backoffice and save storage costs.

Makes Umbraco team effective

Your editors will never be confused again when finding the files and folders. Upload, search and manage files quickly. Dedicated media folder package supports all major Umbraco components like Rich Text Editor, Grid, Block List or Macro.

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